“Dear Duncan, I want to thank you. I have been suffering from Kidney problems since I was born, due to constant urinary infections. When my kidneys failed in 2007 I had to start dialysis, I was 24 years old and 141 KG, and I made the decision to do my own research on body and nutrition.

My kidney specialists that I had seen said that my kidney function will get worse and within 2 years I will need a kidney transplant. In June 2009 my kidney function was at 9% (stage 5) my Creatinine was at 705 (60 – 125), Urea was at 55 (2.5 – 6.5) and my Calcium was at a low 1.55 (2.13 – 2.63), so low that I had a seizure and I was getting fluid build-up.

I was dialyzing Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I didn’t want a kidney transplant because I spoke to a lot of patients who have had it and they say you have to take over 120 tablets per week for the first 2 years and you have to take 3 tablets per day after that for the rest of your life.

When I was told I needed to do tests in August for kidney transplant I stepped up my research and that’s when I found you.

So I got all the information from my research along with your information and combined them together, and guess what?

Within 7 weeks my kidney function went from 9% (stage 5) to 16% (stage 4) and now I only dialyze Tuesday and Saturday, and Creatinine is now at 388 (60 – 125), Urea as low as 19 (2.13 – 2.63) and Calcium is at 2.44 (2.13 – 2.63), my urine is as clear as ever and no infection.

The kidney specialists, doctors, and nurses, are amazed and confused at the same time at how can this be. I was telling everyone when I was on Dialysis that I am going to come off Dialysis, and everyone was laughing at me thinking that I was dreaming. They thought I was in denial as they were when they first started on Dialysis. The kidney doctors said that my kidneys are in honeymoon mode but I know the real reason.

So thank you so so so so so so much for all your hard work in research because I know research is time consuming and takes a lot of energy, you have saved me a lot of time and money and you have also confirmed a lot of doubts I had.”


Sydney, Australia


“At my recent check up with my own Doctor in Australia I was really shocked to find my kidney function down, and my sugar and cholesterol levels very high. Since I’ve always had good health I was dumbstruck and decided to be pro-active, which I’m always exhorting my fellow workers to be. After lots of investigation I alighted on your website and purchased your package. It was very easy to download, and your receipting facilities and follow-up service excellent.

I followed a very precise diet for 6 weeks taking into account your Glycaemic Index and Kidney Solution references, started working out in the gym, walk to work every day instead of taxiing, dropped my caffeine input, cancelled all alcohol and started a vitamin & mineral supplement as suggested by you, followed by several brazil nuts a day!

Last week I had my sugar levels monitored and they have already come down and I have lost weight. Plus even my Doctor wants me to maintain this regime.

I have told one of my friends about your program as she possesses similar traits to those I have – old age creeping up basically!

Thank you, I’ll keep you posted on this work in progress!”

Ellen Fielder

Katong, Singapore


“I found out about my CKD a few months back when I suffered from long agonizing leg cramps. Initially, our company doctor thought I was just dehydrated and advised me to rehydrate once in awhile (Gatorade if possible).

The episodes persisted and I decided to go the doctor again to ask for a laboratory check-up; that’s when I found out that my potassium levels are erratic and my kidneys can’t regulate it anymore.

I went to a nephrologists and found out that it’s worse than dehydration, the doctor ran a couple of tests and I was diagnosed with stage 4 chronic kidney disease with renal anemia secondary to hypertension. The physical suffering was no match with the emotional and mental anguish my wife felt during that time.

During my lifestyle change, I did countless research to seek alternative cure for my condition; I was advised that kidneys don’t heal and the high dosage of medications I’m taking is just to prolong my kidney function.

I chanced upon Duncan’s site through Google and read through the introductions.

The feeling that there’s hope after all the advice that I will not be well was overwhelming. I called up my wife and asked her to study the site and we made the decision to download the e-book. For me it’s a mutual decision with my spouse, because she’s my support system and I know with her help the instructions in the e-book will be realized.

Today, based from my last laboratory, my CREA is down by 25 points and my RBC went up to 13 points. Aside from that I have lessened my skin dryness, improved my urine output and color, lessen urine bubbles, lessen lower back pains, and lessen the feeling of exhaustion. I increased my energy level; sometimes I still feel energized at night after hours of working and driving to and from the office.

I have recommended this e-book to a friend of mine who’s suffering with the same condition. I recommended it because it’s practical, easy to follow and natural.”

Archie de Chavez

Manila, Philippines


“Dear Duncan, My name is Stephen Pepler. I live near Ottawa, Canada. I am 81 years old. I had a stroke in January 2008, before which I was pretty healthy. The stroke left me unable to swallow and so I began to lose appetite and all food tasted weird. E.g. apples tasted like raw potatoes. I started losing energy and stamina & muscle mass. My sex drive dropped to zero. In short I was a wreck.

I went to my doctor who referred me to a couple of specialists and a nephrologist. After a while this guy told me I had “End Stage Renal Failure” (ESRF) and set me up for either a kidney transplant or dialysis. I declined this at first but finally, because I could hardly walk any more – let alone able to do any exercise, I consented.

This is when I came across your Kidney Disease Solution. I was excited when came to your statement that one could take your treatment even when undergoing dialysis. So I immediately purchased your eBook.

As soon as I had downloaded it (which was a piece of cake) I rushed out and bought bottles of [Product Name], [Product Name], and [Product Name] (I already had most of the other recommended ingredients) and started the course.

I was thrilled to notice I began to feel better within a couple of days. I told the nephrologist about this, but he had never heard about anyone getting cured of ESRF, but he assured me that I would begin to feel much better immediately after fitting the dialysis catheter.

He had never heard of anyone going off dialysis. So I told him that he should read up on what Naturopaths are doing. The bottom line is that I am getting set up for dialysis right away, but as soon as my blood work shows that my kidneys are up to par I am going to get the catheter removed. I am feeling considerably better today after only being on your course for only about ten days.

I must thank you greatly for your eBook. It explains in perfect detail so much about the kidneys. About what they are supposed to be doing and how they can go wrong. I fact I know of no other book that contains so much detail about them. I am especially grateful for the section that takes into account all the individual background conditions that start to affect the kidneys and to cause them malfunction.

I don’t know anyone who is or has been on dialysis, but no doubt I will begin to meet some in this predicament in the near future and I will surely tell them the great promise of enlightenment offered by The Kidney Solution.

Thank you so much for your encouragement.

A very satisfied customer,”

Stephen Pepler

Ottawa, Canada


“Hi! My name is William East and I live in Albany Western Australia. I have been battling low kidney function for at least six months. My doctors were unable to help me. One specialist admitting that he didn’t know what to do for me. My creatinine levels were 157 with a gfr of 37.My normal level a year ago was creatinine 86 and gfr 74. I have been attending a naturopath who has helped a little. We decided to go on the net to see if there was anything else that could help me. We downloaded your book about two weeks ago and although it is early days yet I am beginning to feel that I may be getting somewhere at last.

I took your list of herbs and vitamins with me when I visited my naturopath, she tested me for them and said to go ahead and use them. She agreed with your suggestions. I am now looking forward to having another blood test in a few weeks to see how I am going.

I have had very high blood pressure and all the doctors were worried about getting it down. So the only medication I received was blood pressure tablets. I had some homeopathic remedies from my naturopath and she was gradually finding out what was needed for me.

We were delighted to receive your book, it has helped me a lot. I now feel that I have control of the situation. I would have no problem in recommending your book to others if the need should arise. Thank you very much”

William East

Albany, Western Australia


Dear Duncan,

My husband’s name – C R Krishnan, Bangalore, India

His health condition before reading the Kidney Disease Solution – Chronic diabetic, retina operated eyes, and undergoing Dialysis every alternate day due high BP.

The news that “Actor Kamalahasan” opened a site on Kidney related issues in one of the leading news paper caught my eyes when I was waiting in the hospital to pick up my husband after dialysis. Immediately I felt that I should go through the site and I came home and started reading your information at midnight. I wanted to buy the e-book immediately but had second thoughts about how it would help, will it be too many medications, whether my husband will accept and take the medicines etc. etc. I spoke to my husband and informed him about your experience and he said let us give a try. The very next day I bought your e-book.

The programme is just in its initial stage – only 7 days over. I feel it is too early now to say anything. It does give a positive energy. Hopefully by the end of October we would get a positive result which I would intimate you.

The e-book is very encouraging and tempts to undertake the phase.

Presently he is taking the medicines prescribed by the Doctors. Also undergoing the treatment of Acupressure. Earlier to that we have tried homeopathy, ayurvedic, siddha, allopathic etc.

It was very easy to order and download and any layman can understand.

I definitely would like to recommend. I have to wait and watch the improvement happening with my husband in the near future and want the Doctors to raise their eye brows and say that my husband Krishnan does not need any more DIALYSIS.

When it happens we would be very very happy and wish to Thank Mr. Duncan a million ton !

Thanks & Regards

Lakshmi Krishnan


Hi, I’m Joe Taliana from the Mediterranean island of Malta thanks for your follow up, it’s really nice to know that someone actually cares. Your notes were extremely simply to order and obtain and I would not hesitate to recommend them..who doesn’t want to get better…..since I started using your method I feel I have made some improvement my dizzy spells seem to have lessened a lot and I made a slight improvement with my creatine count which was 1100 and now is just below 1000.. I think it’s that tonic tea you suggested which by the way I had no trouble ordering from the u.k.. Thanks once again.. Keep up the good work and may god bless you…

Joe Taliana


I had my annual medical check up several months ago and was told by my doctor that I had Chronic Kidney Disease. I asked her what we could do about it and she told me there was nothing that could be done but that she would monitor me every three or four months. I asked her if herbs or supplements would help and was brushed aside as if I was an idiot.

I was not willing to accept her comments and started looking on the internet for answers. I discovered your book and when I received it, it gave me my first hope that I could actually do something positive about my condition.

I also found some tablets called HerbalSupp which contained some of the ingredients you recommended and because I was finding it difficult to source some of the herbs you recommended I started on the HerbalSupp. I have to take 5 tablets three times a day on an empty stomach.

I couldn’t find anybody to make up your special kidney tea so I take nettle tea every day.

I have gone to a naturopath and told her to oversee my treatment and she has made a few suggestions as well. I went on a slow gentle detox programme for a month. During this time I did not feel too good and had frequent brief periods of nausea, but this has stopped now. I had been taking tablets called Drug and I think they caused the nausea. She checked my blood pressure after the month and it had dropped to 116/69, it was 40 points higher when she first checked me though I have had a history of fairly low pressure till lately.

I have found that my psoriasis and asthma have been a little worse but hopefully that will improve.

I am also taking Nutrient and NutrientX and am trying to stick to a mostly typeofdiet diet. Unfortunately I have lost a little weight and am taking a supplement to try and gain it back again. I am 52 kilos and am 5ft 7 ins tall and 73 years old.

I have always exercised a lot ( I actually enjoy it). When I started my test results were as follows. urea 10.8 creatinine 144, eGFR 31. I have to go for further blood tests next month and am hoping that I will get a better result. (if only to stick it to my Doctor!!)

I have absolutely no idea why I have kidney disease, as far as I know there has been no history in my family and I do not have diabetes and my cholesterol is satisfactory.

I wish I didn’t live so far away as I would love to have you treat me but Perth, Australia is a very isolated city and I have been unable to find anyone in whom I have confidence to take me on so it is helping me to write to you and let you know how I am doing.

As soon as I get my test results next month I will let you know how things are. Many thanks for your interest.


I told you my story on the 13th Jan.

Since then I’ve been back for some more testing and got the following results.

Urea up from 10.80 to 11.80
Creatinine down from 144 to 126
eGFR up from 31 to 36
My doctor seemed satisfied with these results and I’ve to be tested again in early May.

I’m feeling better and seem to have got over the bouts of nausea.

I’m still taking the herbal tablets three times a day and 200 mg nutrient and 600 mg nutrient tablet and a tea spoon of nutritional product. I have a cup of the nettle tea and two of chamomile tea every day.

I still have to get up every night as much as nearly every hour but I do go back to sleep again quickly. I’m fine during the day and can go 3 to 4 hours between bathroom breaks.

I am maybe not as good with my diet as I ought to be but I’m staying off refined sugar and I eat lots of fruit. I have a couple of spoonfuls of Green boost, a mixture of barley grass and spirulina and chlorella in rice milk every day to help make up for a possible shortage of green vegetables in my diet.

Except for the night time problem I wouldn’t know there was anything wrong with me and I’m getting lots of exercise. My weight has dropped a little and I’m 51 kilos now, too light for my height.

I’ve bought a blood pressure monitor and am making sure my pressure is not getting too high. I had a stress test recently as I want to start a new exercise programme, it is P.A.C.E. and is quite intensive but only take about 15 minutes three times a week. I am hoping this will help me to increase my lung capacity.

If you have any ideas as to how I could cure the night time problem I would love to hear from you. I must admit I feel very alone in my quest to improve my kidney disease, there is nobody here in Perth Australia in whom I have any confidence. My doctor has no time for natural therapies and no interest in anything other than drugs, she wants to put me on blood pressure medication even though I do not have high blood pressure. I have declined!

I went back to the naturopath and she recommended several other herbs and supplements but they are all horribly expensive here in Australia and I really didn’t feel that they improved my condition.

I think this is all my news for now.

Many thanks for your interest,

Regards Louise.


Dear Duncan,

It had been my intention to give you some feedback, so I was very pleased to receive your email requesting some information from me.

My name is Eileen. I live in Johannesburg.

18 months ago I had a knee replacement. On my bi-annual visit to the heart specialist to check on the arrhythmia problem I have, he discovered that I had only 45% kidney function, which he thought was the result of all the drugs I’d been given during the knee op. 3 months prior to my visit to him.

He changed my chronic medication and told me to avoid potassium and sodium. My G.P. Dr. LastName, sent me to the head of the renal section of a nearby hospital, who confirmed the 45% function and said come back in 6 months!. Only on cross questioning her did I get any information on how I could help myself through dieting.

From the internet I found out a lot about the problem but no hope of a cure. For 12 months I tried very hard to be strict with myself and was very disappointed when I then had another blood test and the GFR was down to 33%. 6 weeks later 28%.

Then I found you on the internet. That was shortly before Christmas. As my son was coming from Ireland for Christmas I waited for his opinion. He approved of all you said.

We collected all we could and when he and my granddaughter left 2 weeks ago, as promised to him, I started on your treatment.

I find it hard to believe but after only 2 weeks the GFR has gone up to 40% , Creatinine from 152 to 111, and the doctor has lowered the blood pressure tablet.

Incidentally I shall be 90 in July, but most people think I’m in my 70’s. I only recently gave up playing golf 3/4 days a week, but read a lot and play lots of bridge. Lethargy does not become me !

I have left out quite a lot I would like to ask you but I think the important thing is to let you know that your cure seems to be working. Thank you !

Yours in gratitude,

Eileen H.

Johannesburg, South Africa


Dear Duncan,

I am 65 years old, a retired police officer and as such the original “Doubting Thomas”. I have always kept myself fit, eaten sensibly, never smoked and very rarely drunk alcohol.

I began to suffer from gout about 5 years ago, a family illness, and began to watch my diet which, until last year, controlled the symptoms.

In August 2009 I had an attack and was put on DrugName by my doctor. Unbeknown to me my blood test for gout showed that my globular filtration rat was decreasing and it was monitored over the next few months.

Just prior to ordering your report I was told that over the previous four months my results had dropped by the as follows; 68%-62%-58%-52%. The danger level being 60%. Anything below that being the first stage of kidney failure. I had been feeling ill for a year or so, lacking energy, headaches, backache etc and had been having problems with urination. The flow and pressure of urine had deteriorated becoming weak, intermittent, in small amounts and I often got a desire to urinate during the night. I had had my prostate checked and no problems were found.

I was put on DrugName to try to prevent the deterioration. Researching DrugName revealed it was used to prevent kidney damage caused by high blood pressure and/or diabetes. I have neither of those complaints but do have a very good doctor and started the treatment. She did tell me that DrugName would not repair any damage but should prevent any further deterioration.

I then found your report, the only one of its kind, bought it and started to put it into practice.

1. I started to drink the tea.

2. Followed the supplement guidelines.

3. Altered my diet to make my body more alkaline.

I have had difficulty buying the Chinese herbs and so far have not taken them.

I went for a blood test two weeks ago and found to my surprise, and especially that of the doctor that my filtration level was 70%. Yes that is seventy percent.

My doctor said that the DrugName could be expected to halt or slow the damage, not improve the function by such an amount.

I am due to have a test in May 2010. I will continue the treatment and let you know the result.

Interestingly the DrugName, although I am on a very small dose gives me a slight permanent headache, slightly blurred vision and general fatigue. I have stopped it on two occasions and the symptoms have gone, only to return when I re-start the DrugName.

I had an interesting symptom about four weeks ago. I began to get sharp pains emanating downwards from each kidney into my groins. It was not agony but felt as though it could become so. This being a symptom of kidney stones I decided to give it a day or so, unless it got worse, and then see the doctor. Within 24 hours the pains had gone and when I got up the following day my urination was back to normal. I now go 3 or 4 times a day, reasonable pressure ( for my age ), never during the night and all seems normal. This better than for the last 4 or 5 years.

Maybe the DrugName is responsible for the increase but I believe that your tea and the supplements are the reason I am much better.

I cannot thank you enough and intend to follow the program for the rest of my life.

Kind Regards,

David Morgan


Dear Mr. Capicchiano,

My name is Beverly and I live in Trinidad & Tobago West Indies. I did not want to write until I got my blood report for January which I got this week, where I dialyze, blood is taken every month except December month. Before reading your book my health was in shambles, I was wrongly diagnosed with multiple myeloma and treated with chemotherapy for 10 months, I was near to death’s door about three times during that period, when I changed Doctors I found out that I did not have myeloma, and it was my kidneys that was bad. I was told that I have less than 10% use of my kidneys, I also discovered that I only have one kidney, with dialysis I started to feel much better. However I was told by many people that I should go on the net and check out information about kidney failure but I never did because I am not a computer person.

A friend told me that I should go to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester to do a transplant, so I decided to check out the Mayo Clinic on line to see what they offer, and is there I saw your add, after reading all the information and testimonies on your site I decided to download the book, and I am very happy that I did that because since I started your programme on the 1st of November 2009 I am feeling really good and energized all my friends and family tell me how good I look, many people also remark that I do not look like a sick person or like someone on dialysis.

I cannot give any measureable report at this time, because I want to look at a few months blood report before doing that, however the only thing that happened, is my Blood plates went down since I went on your programme, I do not know if any of the herbs have anything to do with that result. There are many of the herbal products that I can’t find in this country for high creatinine such as Nutrient 1000mg, I found it once I used two bottles with 60 tablets each and it was 250mg since then I cannot find any more to buy,

I never tried any other products before and I had trouble downloading your book, I had to call someone to help me, maybe it is because I never download anything before and I really do not like the computer too much, however I know it is important to know how to use the computer so I am trying to understand it these days. Sure I will recommend it to others because I believe it will help them feel better as I do.

I will really like to get the herbs that will help my creatinine and urea nitrogen to go down these are the two areas that is high in my blood report. Duncan I will keep you up to date if I see any measureable changes in my blood report as a matter of fact I will keep you up to date of what is happening with me.

Thanks again,



Dear Duncan,

Well my creatine score at last test was down to 120, which is at the top end of the “normal” range and I feel well. Maybe at next test it will be below 120, which would be great! So I can say that your programme has had a positive effect.

Can’t say what advice helped most, other than trying the programme, as I adopted most parts of the programme other than the alcohol and DietName diet, so couldn’t say whether one part of the programme helped more than another.

Advice that I was most excited and glad to hear – kidneys can be fixed!


John Matthew

New Zealand


Hello Duncan,

After 4 months I had a blood test to see if I was getting any results from my new diet etc.

The eGFR result is 63, up from 50 on the last test. It states normal micro albumin and albumin, and creatinine has dropped from 97 to 80! I wonder if I can improve on that, will certainly keep going with the Kidney Solution, even though I fall off the wagon occasionally.

Thank you and have a great Xmas holiday.

Warmest regards,

Serena Alexander

New South Wales,Australia

Hi Again Duncan

How could I forget to add that as I have Sjogrens Syndrome I also suffer with dry mouth and dry eyes Both have subsided considerably in the last couple of weeks I have not had to use eye drops hardly at all and I have given up the special mouth wash I used to use.

Ok not bad for a month hey?


Serena Alexander

New South Wales,Australia


I have been a self-care manager since the age of 33 when I had a left-side paralyzing stroke. I had little support other than the rehabilitative sort from the drs. – with whom I was involved – they simply did not know. I still now am sometimes scared for my life about what is going on with me.

I began about a week ago with just the diet and the breathing exercises. I am alkalizing my body with a dietary plan.

With the breathing exercises I remain open to the regenerative capabilities of my body. I have learned for me that fear is a contractor that limits my body´s capacities for regeneration / restoration. My posture also has improved with the breathing exercises, and therein also serves the easier flow of the natural energies of my body.

I have noticed that having much more energy generates the desire for even more activity as well as the need for a lot less sleep. In fact, if I am inactive, I do not sleep well.

I had noticed while driving two days ago while looking to the left at a cross-roads, a freedom of movement and an absence of neck and shoulder stiffness as well – stiffness and restriction of movement gone!

I have found I had been taking already (simply by trusting my body´s inner guidance) many of the nutritional vitamins and herbs you have recommended in your kidney disease solution as they have served to help keep me well.

And, I think, finally I have found in your kidney disease solutions, support for my well-being, which I will be sharing with my dr.

Warmly and truly, I thank you.

Aurora Rominger

Saint Géniès de Fontédit, Languedoc, France


Before I read the book, I used to burp FREQUENTLY and had been given medication for that, but it did not stop. However, when I started following the guidelines in the Kidney Solution I started seeing a change. First thing I did and I’m still doing is daily exercise for at least 15 minutes – walking around my house. Then drinking a lot of juice including cranberry. I have not laid my hands on Acai juice yet. There is none in the city of Accra. Then I have been taking vitamins suggested in the book.

I feel much better now, and I shall continue with all that I have been doing since I got the book. I believe when I get back to the US and get all that have prescribed in the Kidney Solution, I’ll feel far better. Thank you for what you have done for me and many others.

God bless you, real good.

Texas, USA


Dear Dr.Duncan,

I am very pleased to let you know that my kidneys are doing quite good. The last blood test I did showed result as follow Uric acid=0.49, Urine Protein=1.26, Lymphocytes=51, Bun=7.4, Albumin=33, HB=10.0, GFR=60,.This test was done on September 26, 2009.

I started your program me on November 15, 2009 taking all nutritional supplements at first. The result from test done on Friday February 5, 2010: are as follow Uric Acid=0.41, Urine protein =negative trace, Lymphocytes=40, Bun=6.0, Albumin=38, HB=10.7, GFR=83Creatinine from 98 to 81. This is a great improvement for me as I won’t have to do kidney biopsy.

My doctor is as happy as I am. I will continue to spread the good news to those in need. It won’t be long before I should be up and running. Now that the kidneys are safe I will concentrate on the immobility of the toes and ankle of my left foot. Although I am not 100% I am still satisfied knowing I am on the recovery road.

Continue to do your work and thank you sooooooooo very much

A very Satisfied Determine Patient


Hi Dr Duncan,

I am so happy to share the good news with you and your dedicated team. The doctor is very pleased just as I am .He congrats me for such brave steps to protect the kidneys from any further damage. We have done it. It is a curable disease after all.

People are beginning to look at me in amazement. My hair is much longer And my nails are hard and long, also there is a new glow of my skin. My entire features have changed for the better. Although not fully recovered I am very satisfied to know that there has been great change.

I can now focus on the immobility in my toes and ankle of the left foot. I cherished the thought that it will not be too long from now that I will be up and running. Again I say Thank You from the bottom of my heart


Hello Dr Capicchiano

I am delighted to hear from you. I did my last test three weeks ago and it shows that the kidneys are spilling four grams of protein in the urine.

My doctor says that’s a lot. He is thinking of giving me some medicine that he says will prevent the leakage of the protein.

Frankly speaking I am not working and therefore I am not able to purchase the ProductName and Nutrient as often as I required them, I think this is my main set back. Anyway seeing that my GFR has improved I am grateful for your book. I have decided that I will not do the biopsy or reach the stage of dialysis. I am confident that I will be healed in due time. Until then I will have great news for you.

I am to do an ultrasound on the kidneys and a 24hour urine test along with blood test in 4 months time that will be my next visit to the renal clinic at the hospital. I am not able to get the herb for the tea. It is sold a long way from home and the stroke has hampered my movements.


Dear Dr Duncan,

I have great news for you. My last blood and urine test result shows that I am excreting o.67 grams of protein in my urine and my Hb level has moved up to 10.9. This was compared to 4 grams I was excreting in February with Hb at 10.7.

I am thankful to you and your team for this wonderful programme you have designed for better health especially for kidney patients.

Continue to keep up the good work for your reward will be great.

Thank you sooooo much.

The doctor says there is no need to do a biopsy and my fluid restriction is off.

A very satisfied

Yvonne Williams


Dear Duncan,

My name is Peter Dobbie and I live in Newcastle, Australia.

I suppose I did not feel ill before reading your book, but was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer in May of 2010.

In June 2010, I had one (1) kidney removed.

Blood/urine tests immediately following revealed that my eGFR was down to 41 (PANIC) .

The Doctor told me this was nothing to worry about and virtually in the same breath started talking about diet and the possibility of Specialists.

Sorry not good enough for me, so, I started some research of my own.

A lot of my results confirmed comments on your web site often made by Doctors. Things like only drugs may help. Kidneys cannot be repaired.

  • I do not like drugs.
  • I do not believe in “It cannot be done”.
  • I do not give up without a fight.

Which brings me to your book.

  • Very easy to read.
  • Very well structured.

Your book filled in a lot of the myths/misinformation about kidneys, diet, and general health for me and I continually review it.

So far I have only used Phase 1 and Nana’s Tea. (At this point I will stick to this and monitor my progress)


22 May eGFR 70 (normal for a 60 year old (according to research))

15 June eGFR 41 (Kidney removed)

8 December not much improvement

15 December Purchase Kidney solution E-Book

14 April eGFR 52 (Not bad for only ONE kidney

NOTE: I have taken no drugs to assist repair

I have not made any major changes to what was already a quite healthy diet, with the exception of drinking a lot more water and less coffee and tea.


I would recommend your book and have already done so to everyone who will listen.

Once again THANK YOU.


Peter Dobbie


Hi; I’m Lex Shirah and have been on your kidney disease solution program for approximately three months. I visited the clinic yesterday and my lab results were encouraging. Creatinine was 2.9-down from 4.2 on previous check in Dec. 2009. I will continue with your program which seems to be working.

To give you a little history- I am a 68 year old male with a 20 year history of renal disease. In 1990 I was diagnosed with malignant hypertension which had probably been around for quite a long time and caused my renal failure. After getting the BP under control my kidney function improved but never returned to normal. In the last 4-5 years kidney function has been steadily declining with Creatinine going from 2.0 to over 4.0. I had surgery for installation of a shunt/fistula for dialysis access. (I have not yet been on dialysis and hopefully will never be)

Anyway- “So far So Good” I am very pleased with your product.

Lex Shirah


My kidney problem is now starting to go into remission and they have started to take me off the drugs.

Your book helped tremendously for starts I was so scared and had no idea what was happening to me your book was very helpful in explaining to me what was going on.

I have done all that you have said to do and my DR. has been surprised at how fast the renal failure has gone into remission.

The tea is great helps me keep hydrated and I love it.

The low protein diet has been a challenge but I am getting better at it.

All the vitamins you recommended my DR. said was good and I could take.

I believe you have helped the healing process allot.


Sharon Winter


You gave me the gift of life and took me away from being on dialysis for the rest of my life. My doctor, my kidney doctor, and my vascular surgeon all told me that kidney disease only ever went one way — down to being on dialysis and then death. I just got a new blood test this week after being on your program for two months. My eGFR was 28 before I started on your program and now my new blood test my eGFR was 52. I knew I was feeling better but I could not prove it until I got my new blood test. The only thing that I have done different was to put herb Robert in my nettle tea. Also I bought Isabel Shipard’s books about herbs. Also we have put several plants in our herb garden. Every day we eat the leaves of the Sanbung plant, Gotu Kola plant, and the Herb Robert plant. I also ordered several herbs from Sunrise Botanicals which has very good prices for their stuff. So I will be trying several types of herbal tea in the future.

Thanks again for your book I know it saved my life. I will be on your program for the rest of my life. Also your DietName diet has also been of great help to me. I was already on a whole food diet but not on your diet — but now now I am on your diet. Now after reading my latest blood results I am very excited about your kidney plan. Before I thought there was no hope for me. I am so glad that I saw your site on the internet. I wish that I could tell everyone that needs it to try it. Thanks again for your program.

James W Rogers

Bauple, Queensland.


Dear Duncan,

I just wanted to share with you the good news I have just received from my latest blood test results.

Six weeks ago I found out I had a GFR reading of 55 – I also had protein readings that were high, 2 years before this I had a reading of 53, although the Doctors, in their wisdom, did not tell me this. I therefore had no idea that there was a problem with my kidneys.

Six weeks ago I started on your program and have just returned from the doctors, I now have a GFR reading of 75, with no protein showing up. My doctor could not believe this and was very interested in what I had been doing. As an added bonus I have lost 5kg.

I totally believe that following your suggestions and my faith in God is what has made the difference.

Thank you

Kim Schultz


To: Duncan

I bought your book Feb. 6 2010, after my PCP called me on Feb 2 and informed me I had severe kidney disease. The kidney specialist that he referred me to could not take me for a month. I then got on the internet and bought your book. I bought the supplements recommended in the book and have been taking them for 4 months now.

My GFR on Feb 2 was 27, creatinine 2.25 and bun 60. Within a month GFR was 44, creatinine 1.5, Bun 42. The last blood test on 13 May GFR 44 creatinine 1.5 bun 35.

Before starting your program I felt terrible all over, now I feel fine and hope to feel even better.

I found your book easy to read and very educational about the function of kidneys. I have recommended your web site to many people, whether they followed up I don’t know. I did not try any other products before yours. I just had my 94th birthday, and my only problem now is too low blood pressure and slow pulse. The only prescription drugs I take are Toprol xl, lisopril, and isosorbide. I am talking to my MD about this now.

Your book has done the job THANK YOU

Yours truly

Wayne Olson

Seattle, Washington



I am a 55 year old male, 190 lbs, 6 feet tall, and in good overall health. I took Lithium for 23 years and because my creatinine level went up to 1.7 about 2 years ago, my Psychiatrist took me off of the Lithium and put me on Lamictal.

My creatinine level was:

1.7 on 1/14/2008

1.3 on 2/14/2009

1.29 on 2/14/2010

1.20 on 6/09/2010 after 4 months of supplements.

I started taking the supplements that you have recommended on 2/19/2010 and I just checked my creatinine level today and my new level is 1.20 today.(6/09/2010)

So, with the help of the supplements my creatinine level went from 1.29 to 1.20 in about 4 months.

My creatinine level is now back in the normal range as listed by the lab which reported the results. (0.61—1.24).

Thank You,

Michael Collins


Dear Duncan

Thanks very much for your enquiry.

I have just received a copy of my latest blood test and I am absolutely thrilled – just look at these results

March May
Creatinine 145 110
41 57
Urea 9.6 5.5
Uric Acid 0.58 0.35
Cholesterol 5.9 4.7
26.9 24
Ph 5.75 7.5

And like the Sydney weather my mood has jumped from dismal to very sunny and bright and, this may be hard to believe, even my golf handicap has improved (albeit very little)

To achieve these results I took the “Essentials” as described in your book plus some Nutrient as well as adjusted my diet.

Additionally, I briskly walked 4-5 days a week for at least one hour; bought a water purifier; replaced DrugName (blood pressure medication) with Product; started to meditate for about 15 mins 3-4 days per week and, of course – drank a daily cup of Nanna’s famous tea (which I loved).

I did have some concern it might be another internet scam, however, because I could not find any adverse comments on any website I took the plunge. Now I am very glad I did.

Your book seemed to make a lot of sense, so naturally I felt very optimistic.

In conclusion – thanks for writing the book and all the bonuses you have already sent me:

  • Kidney disease solution
  • Lessons from the miracle doctors
  • Natural cures for insomnia
  • Home detox

Great reading and all very much appreciated.

Kindest regards

Ernest Langer

North Sydney NSW



Thank you for your e-mail.

My name is Antero Hynninen and the member of my family has kidney disease. Before we found your book, we were desperate. Now we have hope. At the first time her crea has going down .It was 410 and now it is 360. Also all mineral levels are ok.

She went to take d-vitamin s-d-25 blood test in April and it was only 66 . The doctors prescribe d-vitamin was synthetic and it was not good .You recommend natural d-vitamin, and we found it and natural calcium and magnesium too.

She is going next week again taking the d-vitamin level blood test. We have doctor of chiropractic who is now taken care of her. He has been treating the family over 20years and now he is member of this kidney disease treatment team.

She is now feeling much better and I thank you every day. She has next laboratory test and doctor in September.

With kindest regards

Antero Hynninen


Dear Duncan,

I have been following your good advice almost to the letter (I do like curry pies!) and I’m doing wonderfully well.

I have only one small kidney and only 12% function in that (last time any tests were done – may be improved now) and doctors were pressuring me to go on to dialysis. Well that seems pretty horrible to me. I decided that the quality of my life would not be worth living under those conditions, and to take my chances on my own. I’m 59 years old.

Currently I get up at 5.00am each morning, look after my “rescue” horses, go to work full time from 8.00am to 5.00pm five days per week in local government administration, look after the horses and my elderly mother after work, and get to bed around midnight each day. Weekends in addition to the normal caring and household duties I maintain our five acre property which involves garden, fruit trees and native trees, mowing/slashing, fencing, maintaining and starting the pump on the dam for our water supply etc etc……(we live in a semi-rural area..)

I feel great!!!! Going like a train!!! I’ll continue to follow your program, and I feel sure it will extend my life. If I drop dead in my tracks sometime, at least I will “die with my boots on” enjoying a great quality of life. I love my job. I love my horses. I enjoy working on the property.

Thank you so very very much Duncan, for your help. (That sounds so inadequate!) You must feel really good to know you are helping people in this way.

Bless You, Bless You, Bless You !!!!

Kindest regards, much much Love,

Louise 😀 xoxoxo

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